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How to Clean Cable Connectors?

How to Clean Cable Connectors?

Nov 15,2022
Follow the steps below to follow our recommended cleaning procedures and tips for keeping your connectors clean.
Recommended Cleaning Procedure

Use dry compressed air to blow away any loose soil or dirt.

Use an ultrasonic cleaner with distilled water.

Place the cable connectors to be cleaned in distilled water up to the top of the lock ring (see photo above). Dip the connector only into the top of the locking ring, as indicated by the arrow in the picture.

Run the ultrasonic cleaner for 10 minutes.

Dispose of the used water and fill with clean distilled water for a final rinse and rinse for an additional 5 minutes.

Blow dry with dry compressed air. Start blowing from behind the connector under the lock ring to get most of the water out of the connector. Then, blow into the connector using a circular motion. Finally, blow into each pin or jack. Make sure not to blow water into the connector with compressed air.

Rinse connectors with 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), shake them off and dry them with more compressed air.

Place the cable with the connector in a clean, dry room and use a hot fan to blow warm air through the connector overnight to allow it to dry overnight. Make sure that dust or other contaminants cannot enter the connector. Cover them with a lint-free cloth or other suitable protection.

Caution: Isopropyl alcohol is highly flammable and should be kept away from heat and open flames.

Additional Information and Tips:

If a connector is contaminated, it will show up in two ways:

1. Visible corrosion on the pins in the connector.

2. Bad data. Especially when the connector is heated by the sun - making contaminants more conducive and producing more erroneous data.

Use a Dust Cap

To avoid "bad data" from a dirty connector, make sure the dust cap is always securely attached to the connector when it is not connected. Be sure to put the dust cap on the connector, even if it is only disconnected for a short time.

Keep Connectors Dry

Although our cables are weather-resistant, you should try to keep the connectors as dry and clean as possible. During the survey period, some connectors may have pinned up to 400 volts. At the same time, the measured signal on some other pins in the connector may be a few millivolts. If there is any moisture inside the connector, electrolysis will occur, which will severely and permanently corrode the pins in the connector, which will then need to be sent for replacement.

Quick Wash

In the field, some customers have had success by "quick cleaning" the connector with distilled water, then blowing it dry with a clean can of compressed air (usually found at any office supply store).

The above briefly introduces the method of cleaning coaxial connectors. If you want to buy coaxial connectors, please contact us.

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f type connector|f male|nickel plated with brass tube|for -5 coaxial cable
coaxial cable f connector crimp type nickel plated with o ring water proof
BNC male connector crimp type nickel-plated attached pin and copper pipe
BNC male connector crimp type nickel-plated attached pin and copper pipe
UHF male connector to F connector nickel-plated
UHF male connector to F connector nickel-plated
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SMA Male Plug RF Coaxial Connector For Cable RG179 Right Angle Gold-plated
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