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Are BNC Connectors Still Used for Anything?

Are BNC Connectors Still Used for Anything?

Nov 30,2022
BNC connector
BNC connector
Been doing home theater for a while? You may remember BNC connectors used for component connections in the 2000s and earlier. It has been used in standard-definition videos and high-definition videos but is rarely seen in consumer electronics today. is it dead

First, let's talk about the BNC connector. The bayonet Neill-Concelman connector was patented in the 1950s as a combination of N(Neill) and C(Concelman) connector styles. While the N connector still exists, the C connector is no longer used. The goal is to have an easy-to-connect but stay-connected TV connector with a metal jacket on the center conductor (unlike F connectors which use the center conductor as the point of contact). This will allow the cables to be easily connected and disconnected without falling out. The center sheath will keep the cable from being damaged by repeated connections.

Calling the BNC connector a success would be an understatement. It took over the world of commercial broadcasting, replacing RCA connectors and UHF connectors in broadcast equipment. For a while, it was even used in computer networking. However, today BNC connectors are only used for very specific tasks and are not commonly seen outside of broadcast facilities.

The reason is simple: if the cable is used to transmit signals at frequencies above 2GHz, the connectors are designed to allow for RF leakage or leakage. This immediately means satellite TV is out of the question, and even some cable TV systems use these frequencies. Computer data is also required to use these frequencies if the data rate exceeds 100Mbps.

For home use, RCA connectors have become the more common way to connect components due to the smaller size of the connectors. It's true that RCA connections are more prone to being unplugged by mistake, but this isn't as much of a problem at home as it is in a commercial installation.

So the BNC connector isn't dead, consumers just don't use it anymore. It has been used for SDI data (high bitrate uncompressed high definition) in studio settings. It's unlikely you'll see one in your home again. If you want to buy BNC connectors, please contact us.

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