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Is It Possible to Use a Splitter for the Antenna?

Is It Possible to Use a Splitter for the Antenna?

Mar 23,2023
TV signal splitters
Understand that most households have more than one television. But you will rarely see more than one TV antenna in a household.

That's because it makes more sense for a TV signal splitter to separate the signal and send it to each TV or tuner. But not all TV splitters are the same (just like every setup or every home), so there are some simple basics you need to know before you cut the cable, or you might not get great results.

Dynamic and Passive

There are two types of TV signal splitters: powered splitters and passive splitters. The names reveal how they're different -- active splitters amplify your TV's signal, while passive splitters are just pass-throughs. The type you need depends on your particular setup.

If you need to boost the signal to each tuner you want to distribute the signal to, you can use an active splitter. This will do the same thing a basic amp would do on each output. You may want to do this if your antenna is far from all the places you need to use it, or if your house is a bit old and doesn't have good electrical ground.

If you don't need to amplify the signal to each group, you can use a passive splitter. If you need to amplify the signal to one tuner but not the other, you can use a passive splitter with a separate amplifier on any output signal. You don't want to use amplification unless you need to because of so-called over-modulation, which can make reception poor or cause a noisy picture. Instead, use a passive splitter with an amplifier on the lower end of the tuner that needs it.

Some Other Tips

Using a passive splitter will cause some signal attenuation. This is called insertion loss or attenuation. While it's often not important enough, it's there nonetheless.

You can use a splitter to power another splitter. The signal can be split as many times as needed, but each passive splitter adds more insertion loss and multiple active splitters cause overmodulation.

The active splitter needs to be near a power outlet. They use a small transformer that plugs into the wall, about the same size and shape as a phone charger. They are usually connected to the splitter using a coaxial cable, but can also be equipped with their own power cord.

Active splitters have different advantages. Look and make sure you're not buying something labeled "high gain" unless you need a high gain amp or vice versa.

A splitter can also be a combiner. Two or more signal lines can go in and one out. Conveniently wire multiple rooms within a wall or attic.

Separators may cause you to need filters. Even with high-quality connectors, you run the risk of introducing electrical noise every time the signal is interrupted. If adding a separator makes things a bit murky, try using filters as your first troubleshooting step.

Do not use a splitter for your internet signal. Everything here is for the TV signal, not the internet from your ISP. This can be a problem if your house comes pre-installed with a coaxial cable and you use it for the internet. Before you cut and split anything, talk to your internet provider.

Installing a TV splitter is a great option, allowing you to watch the same TV show or movie simultaneously in multiple rooms or locations, without the hassle and cost of installing multiple separate TV sources. In addition, the signal splitter can also connect various media devices (such as game consoles, DVD players, etc.) to all the TVs, so that you can use them in different rooms at any time. The signal splitter can also improve signal quality, reduce signal interference and loss, and give you a better viewing experience. In short, installing a TV signal splitter can bring more convenience and enjoyment, and it is a choice worth considering. If you are looking for a TV signal splitter, welcome to contact us.

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