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How to Install and Use SMA Connector?

How to Install and Use SMA Connector?

Dec 21,2022
SMA connector
The SMA connector is a widely used semi-precision subminiature RF and microwave connector, especially suitable for RF connections in electronic systems with frequencies up to 18GHz or higher. The following will briefly introduce the use of SMA connectors.

How to Connect SMA Connector?

1. Prepare raw materials.

2. Strip the shield and middle wire.

3. Insert the center wire into the pinhole.

4. Solder with a little solder. Note: Do not remove the solder from the pins.

5. Insert the wire into the male SMA connector. The shield wire is wrapped around the tail of the SMA male connector.

6. Put the supporting small steel cylinder on the tail.

7. Put on the heat shrink tube.

8. Use a heat gun to blow the heat-shrinkable tube until it wraps the tail of the SMA head.

9. Do the same at the other end to make one.

10. Make another one of the same lengths, and a pair of lines are ready.

How to Distinguish the Quality of SMA Connector?

1. The quality of the SMA connector can only be seen from the outside, but it is not the SMA connector itself that affects signal transmission (or reflection), it is often the connection between the coaxial cable or the circuit board and the SMA. For the same SMA connector, different people may get very different VSWR when connected, so the connection between SMA and the circuit board or coaxial cable is very important, especially when the frequency is higher.

2. The denser the shielding layer, the smaller the signal leakage to the outside world. The general index is isolation, and the isolation of a good cable can be above 100 dB.

3. In addition to the leakage of the cable itself, some energy will be lost (generally very little). Due to the adhesion effect of electromagnetic waves and dielectric loss, the signal will be attenuated to a certain extent, but this has nothing to do with the shielding layer.

What Does SMA Connector Mean?

The SMA-style RF coaxial connector was designed by Bendix and Omni-Spectra in the late 1950s as an OSM connector. It was one of the most commonly used RF/microwave connectors at the time. Originally, SMA connectors were designed as precision connectors for 0.141" semi-rigid coaxial cables and military microwave applications, filled with PTFE dielectric.

Under the conditions at the time, due to the small size of the SMA connector, it can work at a higher frequency (the frequency range for docking with semi-rigid cables is DC to 18GHz; for docking with flexible cables, it is DC to 12.4GHz), and it is rapidly popularized. Even the millimeter-wave connectors developed later (such as 3.5mm, and 2.92mm) still have to consider mechanical compatibility issues.

As an important component in the communication network, the demand for SMA has greatly increased, but the quality of the products on the market is uneven. Haoze has been focusing on connector production for many years. If you want to buy SMA connectors, please contact us.

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