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How to Install an F Connector on a Coax Cable?

How to Install an F Connector on a Coax Cable?

Jun 28,2022
A traditional coaxial cable used to be the standard way to connect a TV to an antenna or cable access point. But they are less common these days, as HD and UHD TVs commonly use HDMI, fiber optic, and Ethernet cables for many of the connections. Still, coax cables have their uses, and your video system will probably still use them. 

Coaxial cables used to carry electrical signals to televisions or other electronic devices terminate in F connectors. Despite the name, an F connector is a round metal barrel drill that attaches to the end of a coaxial cable.

These F connectors can be connected to coaxial cables in a number of ways. Professional installers use coaxial cable strippers to strip all three layers of cable at once. Then, they slipped onto the F connector and secured it with a coax tool that crimped the connector against the cable and crimped it at the same time

What is an F connector?

An F connector is an accessory that connects a coaxial cable to an electronic device or wall jack. It contains threads that allow you to screw the cable to a TV, wall outlet, or another electronic device.

If you are not a professional, you may not have these special tools. But you probably have (or can borrow) a basic cable crimper that allows you to install crimp-style F connectors. Don't have a crimper? No problem -- just buy a screw-in F-connector that can be installed manually. 

As for stripping the cables before adding the connectors, a regular utility knife will do. Using a standard wire stripper for one of these steps will help, but you can also use a utility knife. Be careful to protect the inner copper wires and your fingers.

What do you need?


Utility knife

Wire strippers (optional)

Cable crimpers (for crimp style connectors)


Crimp or screw-in F connectors



First, you'll use a utility knife to strip 3/4" of the black or white outer jacket from the end of the coaxial cable.

Carefully make a shallow cut around the cable, only going through the outer jacket. Use your fingernail to peel the jacket off the cable. This exposes the thin metal shield wires and foil layers inside the jacket. 

Trim the shielding foil

Fold the shield back onto the cable jacket and trim with strippers or scissors to about 1/8" long. Now, use a utility knife to cut the metal shielding foil so that it only extends about 1/4" from the cut in the cable jacket.


The metal shield wire inside the outer jacket of the coaxial cable is very thin and has a pointed tip. This means they can easily prick their fingers, so be extra careful when working with them. Using gloves will make this job harder to do, so take a little precaution here.

Trim the plastic layer

Use wire strippers or a utility knife to strip 1/4 inch of the white plastic insulation from around the copper core of the cable. Be careful not to cut or scratch the copper wire itself, as this will affect the performance of the cable. There should now be 1/4" of bare copper wire sticking out of the end of the white plastic layer.

Install the connector

This stage depends on the type of connector you are using:

Crimp F-connector: Install the F-connector crimp ring on the end of the cable and slide it over the outer jacket and shield. Slide it until the white plastic layer makes contact with the hole in the connector. You should see about 1/4" of copper wire on the end of the F connector. Proceed to the last step.

Twist-on F connector: Install the F connector onto the end of the cable and turn clockwise until the white plastic layer touches the hole inside the connector and the copper wire protrudes about 1/16" out of the front of the connector. For screw-in connectors, your work is done.

Complete crimp installation

On crimp-style F connectors, place the crimp tool jaws on the crimp ring of the F connector and squeeze the tool handle to secure the connector to the cable. You are now done.

The above details how to install F connectors on coaxial cables. If you want to know more or want to buy F connectors, please contact us.

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coaxial cable f connector crimp type nickel plated with o ring water proof
coaxial cable f connector crimp type nickel plated with o ring water proof
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