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Introduction to the Function and Principle of Cable TV Distributor

Introduction to the Function and Principle of Cable TV Distributor

Aug 8,2022
In our life, all of us should have watched TV. At first, it was a black and white TV. With the development of technology, color TV was invented. Now almost every family has a TV. The TV itself has no programs, as long as we Install a cable antenna on the TV, so that we can watch a lot of TV channels, and we can relax very well by watching TV. We need to know that there is a distributor in the equipment of cable TV, and now let's introduce its role to you.

A cable TV distributor is a device used to distribute cable TV signals. Each user's signal is distributed from the distributor to each of our households. For example, there are two types of one-to-two, one is a splitter (IN, OUT, BR) and the other is a two splitter (IN, OUT, OUT) signal incoming line is connected to IN, and two OUT are respectively connected to the user's TV.


The principle of a wired wire distributor is to reasonably allocate the signals through some resistance, capacitor, and inductance impedance transformation matching circuit, so that the output signal is not affected by each other, and will not affect the input signal, but the distributor has a certain attenuation effect.

Function 1:

The distributor of the cable TV can be used to distribute signals. For example, the three distributors are used to evenly distribute one signal into three channels, but it will also bring distribution loss when distributing the signal. Taking the three distributors as an example, its distribution loss is 6dB, which means that each of its signals is 6dB lower than the original signal strength.

According to the standard of the cable TV line, the general user does not need to add an amplifier to connect a four splitter.

The distribution component of the signal power by the cable TV distributor is expressed in DB (decibel), which is a relative quantity, similar to the multiples that we are familiar with every day. For example, We divide a signal equally by 1/2, and each signal is 0.5. Converted into decibels, that is: lg0.5 (take the logarithm of 0.5) X 10 -3db, therefore, in theory, if a signal is divided into two, the signal is reduced by -3db. But in practice, these devices are not ideal. Therefore, the actual attenuation is slightly larger than the theoretical value.

Function 2:

The cable TV distributor not only has the function of power signal distribution, but more importantly, while distributing the signal, it also plays the role of impedance matching for the equipment at the port, which is very important in high-frequency broadband circuits.

I have told you about the role of the distributor of cable TV. In fact, the role of the distributor is very important in our lives. Because many families have TVs, they may come into contact with the distributor. The distributor is related to the signal. Yes, and we can't watch TV without the signal, so if you want to buy a cable TV distributor, please contact us.

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