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What is a TV Signal Amplifier and How Does It Work?

What is a TV Signal Amplifier and How Does It Work?

Jun 2,2022
The TV signal amplifier kit consists of an HDTV antenna and signal booster to extend TV broadcast coverage into your home or apartment building by boosting or amplifying the existing TV channel signal for clearer audio and video reception.

Cable antennas have been around for years and are slowly becoming old technology. The new digital HDTV antenna and booster will let you watch your favorite cable shows without paying for an ongoing cable subscription.

The TV antenna amplifier gives you access to beautifully clear digital TV programming from standard analog and HDTV and will capture all signals within a 100-mile radius in about 10 minutes.

TV signal boosters help HDTV antennas or standard TV antennas capture many channels that would otherwise be difficult to access and watch. You can eliminate cable TV and associated subscription fees and enjoy crystal-clear reception and more TV channels in the comfort of your home living room or business office reception area.

Digital TV has better clarity and quality than analog TV, but a weaker signal often causes reception problems. For example, a weak analog signal can appear as a grainy or snowy image on a TV screen. As annoying as this is, the picture can still be seen or perceived. If the digital signal is slightly weaker, it will still be crisp and clear. With too weak digital signals, the video and audio will stutter and may even disappear altogether.

Another problem is multipath, where some TV signals bounce off structures like tall buildings and arrive a little later than signals on the direct path. For analog signals, this will result in a "ghost" image, which is a faint and slightly offset copy of the image. Again, this is still visible, albeit annoyingly. For digital signals, the symptoms of multipath are the same as for weak signals, namely either loss of audio and video, or a clear image without ghosting.

How does a TV signal amplifier work?

Simply put, the number of channels you can access depends on the signal that is broadcast in your local area. Reception quality depends on physical distance from local cell towers and other factors including weather, surrounding environment, and terrain.

A TV signal booster, also commonly called a TV antenna booster, helps improve the quality of the signal the TV receives in locations where the TV transmitter's signal is farther away or weaker. Signal boosters are often used in conjunction with antennas where there are many obstacles around, such as trees in rural areas, tall buildings, or hilly areas in urban environments.

Types of TV signal boosters.

There are many different types of TV signal boosters on the market, each with its own uses and applications.

Masthead TV booster.

These types of boosters are easy to identify because they are small boxes mounted near the TV antenna, usually near the bottom of the mast. Masthead TV amplifiers are the best choice for signal boosting because they provide better results than room and distribution amplifiers. The signal is boosted as it goes through the antenna, which improves signal quality without the need for boosting as it goes through the cable to the TV.

Most amplifiers of this type are weatherproof and therefore suitable for both outdoor and indoor use depending on the type of antenna installed. This type of booster is typically used on properties with very poor signal strength.

Indoor TV antenna booster.

Boosters of this type are usually mounted close to the TV but usually get better output if mounted close to the antenna. Most indoor TV antenna boosters have 2 outputs that can be used to improve the signal quality of 2 TVs. It should be noted that an indoor booster can never replace a good roof-mounted antenna. It's best to use this type of booster with a rooftop antenna, not an indoor one. When installing an antenna in a home or building, a glass-mounted antenna placed on the window glass works best as it attracts the greatest amount of transmitted signal.

TV distribution booster.

This type of booster splits its output into many different TVs. This option is popular for customers who want to use multiple TVs without having to buy separate boxes. A distribution amplifier is the best way to split a TV signal because the boosted signal compensates for coax losses and maintains the high quality of different TVs.

The above introduces TV signal amplifiers and their working principles. If you want to know more or want to buy TV signal amplifiers, please contact us.

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